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Resident Benefit Package

Don't Get Caught Being Penny Wise and Dollar Foolish

Innovation Property Management Inc.’s Tenant Benefit Package was designed to provide protection, convenience and safety for our residents and their homes. This added fee should not be viewed as a cost but rather a benefit as we work hard to keep the costs down by spreading them out among all residents. It will be billed monthly in addition to your base rental amount.


Included with ALL Lease agreements

A/C Filter(s) Delivery Bi-Monthly- $60 value

Benefit: Innovation Property Management, Inc. has teamed up with Second Nature for delivery of high quality A/C filters to your doorstep.

Consistently replacing A/C filters provides lease compliance, cleaner air quality and may help lower utility bills.

One Time NSF Forgiveness- $40 Savings

Benefit: Innovation Property Management, Inc. will waive a returned payment ACH or Check payment fee. (One time only)

Liability to Landlord Insurance $100,000- Potential Savings of up to $100,000

Benefit: Covers accidental damage to Landlords property. This includes: fire, smoke, explosion, water damage, backup or overflow of sewer.

Tenant Portal

Benefit: Free 24/7 Access to pay balance online using any payment options available, along with access to payment history. Submit and track work orders, upload photos and view work order history.

24/7 Maintenance hotline with live phone support. Reach a live person after hours for emergency maintenance concerns.

9V Battery Replacement for Smoke Detectors

Benefit: Keep Smoke Detector batteries fresh. If at any time a smoke detector starts beeping, come by one of our offices to get a replacement at no additional cost.

Credit reporting for rental payments to Experian

Benefit: Receive positive credit reporting with all on-time rental payments.

Real Estate Investment Consultation

Benefit: Considering investing in a house? We can provide you with advice and support to make your dream become a reality. **

**All lease terms and contracts must be fulfilled prior to purchase. In the event of early lease break; all penalty fees will be due.